Responding to more Appliance Questions - Bill Newberry

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  1. Hi Bill. Enjoy your YouTube channel. I have a nephew who’s basement flooded to about 1-1/2’. I repaired his water heater and his furnace, but I’m struggling with his Amana NED4655EW1 dryer. It worked fine before the flood, ever since, is working except there’s no heat! The thermal fuse, high limit therm, cut off therm, cycling therm, all have continuity and show 0 ohms. Also, the timer has continuity on wires #1 &#3 (blk & red) when on high heat. The element has no visible breaks, has continuity and 9.6 ohms. I’ve cleaned all connectors. I don’t know of any other mechanisms relating to heat, to check? The drum turns, the blower blows. What am I missing that is causing this frustration?����‍♂️����‍♂️ Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Jay
    P.S.- that was cute kitten, ....though probably a big cat now.