Refrigerator is Too Warm

When your Refrigerator is always a couple degrees too warm

This post is Specific to Frigidiare Side by Side Refrigerators. A problem that some notice is that the Temperature in the Refrigerator Compartment is too warm. This is a fix that took me a couple calls to tech support to figure out the first time I ran into this.

If you are having problems with the temperature always being a couple degrees too warm, or you notice that things are spoiling quicker than they should, read on.

I was on a warranty service call when I learned this. The Customer was having a problem with the temperature staying just over 40 Degrees. They already had two other service companies out to repair this and nobody could fix the problem. The thermostats, fan, defrost board, everything had been replaced already before I got there.

The problem was with warm air from the compressor area leaking inside the fridge compartment. It was coming in where the water lines for the water filter and cold water storage come through the liner and enter the fresh food side.

You can see where these lines come through if you remove the two lower drawers inside the refrigerator. One water line will run into a tank behind the drawers and the other water line runs up to the water filter. The hole these water lines come through needs to be completely sealed. If they are not sealed the warm air from the compressor area will enter the fridge. When this happens you will alway notice the temperature just a little to warm all the time. Not to mention that the refrigerator will run more than it should causing undue stress on the compressor.

How do you fix this. That is pretty easy, now that you know where to look for the problem. Get some food grade silicone and reseal around the lines. The key is to make sure that no air can enter the fridge where the lines come through. Pile it on thick and push it into the hole to make sure you have a good seal. Once this is done, you will notice the temperature will start to rest at below 40 degrees instead of just above.

Yes, the little bit of air that comes through that opening will make a huge difference in the air temperature inside. Those couple extra degrees of temperature is what is spoiling your food quicker than normal.

Frigidaire Refrigerator Repair Manuals

Maytag Neptune Washer

Download the Repair Manual for your Maytag Neptune Washer

One thing that has always bothered me about Online Appliance Repair is inaccuracy. Here's what I'm talking about.

Let's say you have a Maytag Washer that's not spinning. That's simple to find on the internet right? Of course it is. Maybe you will read the post about the guy who replaced the spin board. That took care of his problem. Go ahead and order one and stick it on your machine. Did it start spinning again? Probably not, here's what happen. You and the guy you read about didn't have the same problem. Maybe it was just your lid switch. Did your belt break? Is the Motor Bad? Is the timer not sending out the correct signal to the control board? Who knows, any one of those parts will cause your Maytag Neptune to not go into the spin cycle.

Of course doing your research on the computer is helpful in finding all the different repairs that were done on your type of machine, but you need to know what you need to do to fix YOUR machine. That's when the factory service manual comes in handy. The Repair Manual for your Appliance is the best knowledge about your machine that you could possibly have. One simple reason why, that's what the Appliance Technicians use when they have trouble. Come on now.

Maytag Neptune Washers can be run in diagnostics mode to point you in the right direction so you know which parts to check first. Just remember that when one thing isn't working on your washer, there are a number of parts that work together to make the whole process happen. The Manual will have more pictures than you know what to do with. Every part of the Washer is covered in the Maytag Neptune Repair Manual. There is alot that can go wrong with these washers so it would be a waste of time and money to guess at which part you need to replace to repair it. Fix it right the first time, correctly.

Another good thing about the Repair Manual is, once you download it to your computer, it's easy to find. That way the next time you have a problem with your washer, you have ALL the information you will need in one place and you don't have to wait for someone to reply back to your post. Having the manual around is alot cheaper than having a service guy out to your house to do what you are more than likely capable of doing yourself.

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Once Payment is made you will get an email with the link to download and save the manual to your computer.

Frigidaire Refrigerator Repair Manuals

Downloads for DIY Repair on Frigidaire Refrigerators

For those who want to Repair your Frigidaire Refrigerators themselves. Below is a list of links for Different Repair and Service Manuals for almost Every Frigidaire Refrigerator.

These Service Manuals Cover every aspect of the machines. Each Manual is in PDF form so it is easily viewed on your computer. Once you Purchase the Manual you will Receive an Email with the Link to Download and Save it. The cost for the Manual is Relatively Cheap compared to having a Service Technician come to your home and tell you the same thing that's in the Manuals. You will find that most repairs are rather simple fixes with the correct guidance.

Another bonus that comes with the Frigidaire Repair Manuals is that when you make a purchase you get unlimited phone support from a Frigidaire Authorized Servicer. ME. All you need to do is email your order number to me when you download your Service Manual. Once I get the email with your order number from your manual download I will respond back with a toll free 800 number that you can reach me at. My email address is .

Here are the links for the Frigidaire Refrigerater Repair Manuals:

If you are not sure which manual you need, just send me an email with your model number in the subject line. I will respond back with the link for which repair manual that pertains to your machine.

Refrigerator in the Garage

Garage Refrigerator

Why won't your Refrigerator Work Properly in the Garage?

This is a common question. I will do my best to explain why your Freezer won't freeze properly when it's kept in the garage. More than likely you only notice this problem when the temperatures outside get down to freezing or close to it.

Basically there really isn't anything wrong with the Refrigerator itself. The problem is the outside air temperature. The Refrigerator Section in most Top Freezer Refrigerators is where the only thermostat for the machine is located. The Freezer Temperature is determined by how long the fridge runs, more on that later. The Refrigerator running in 70 - 75 degree temperatures(kitchen) will be "calling for cold" 45 -55 percent of the time. That means the machine is running about half the time. This keeps the temperature in the fridge compartment just below 40 degrees or so. By running about half the time causes the temperature in the freezer to toggle around zero.

Now, how do you adjust the freezer temperature then if the only thermostat is in the refrigerator compartment? ah, Good Question. That is pretty simple. The evaporator is located in the freezer section. This is what "gets cold" when the compressor runs. The fridge section gets its cold air from the freezer. There is an air diverter that only allows a small amount of air to circulate from the freezer to the refrigerator when it's calling for cold. So, at the factory settings in an average room temperature setting, the freezer will have to run long enough to freeze when it needs to cool the fridge compartment. Make sense? If you want to make the freezer temperature lower, you are essentially going to starve the refrigerator side's air flow. This will keep the freezer running longer to cool the fridge section and therefor you have lower freezer temperature.

Now here is the reason your Freezer won't Freeze in the garage during the winter months. If the outside temperature is close to the temperature your refrigerator section needs to be, the compressor will only have to run for a very short time to make the fridge happy. That will not be enough time for the freezer to pull down to the proper temperature.

There are kits you can get to solve this issue. There are normally called Garage Kits. Pretty easy to remember right. How a garage kit works is by tricking the refrigerator to think it's in a warmer environment. A garage kit is placed by the thermostat in the Refrigerator Compartment and it puts off a small amount of heat causing the freezer to cycle on and off more frequently. This allows the freezer to get down to the proper temperature and keep the things in your freezer completely frozen all the time. Not most of the time or sometimes.

It is a rather simple solution that the average person can do themselves. The kit shown in this post is a garage kit for a Frigidaire Refrigerator. This will give you an idea of what one looks like. If you have any questions about this, just visit Appliance Outlet and you can get more help there.