Kenmore Series Electric Dryer Wiring Diagram - Schematic

This is a typical wiring diagram for a Kenmore Series Dryer.  This diagram came from a 70 Series, but it will help with others including Whirlpool Dryers.

With this diagram you can trace back wiring to test for faulty parts.

Thanks for Taking a Look at the wiring diagram for Kenmore / Whirlpool Electric Dryers.

Error Codes and Diagnostic Codes for a Samsung Dryer

Here is a detailed list of error codes for a Samsung Dryer.

These will help you Troubleshoot your Dryer if you are having issues with it and it's showing an Error Code.

TS - Dryer Thermistor Short Sensed
TO - Dryer Thermistor Open Sensed
DO - Door Open
FE - Power Source Frequency Error
DF - Door Circuit Failure
HE - Heater Error
BE - Button Error
OD - Over Dry
ET - EEprom Fail

Wiring Diagram for a Kenmore Dryer - Full Wiring Schematic

Here is a Highly Detailed Image of the Wiring Diagram for a Kenmore Electric Dryer.

This will help you Troubleshoot any issues you are having with the machine.

No Heat
Not Running
Light Not Working
Too Hot
Taking Too Long To Dry

Kenmore Dryer Wiring Diagram
Kenmore / Whirlpool Dryers Typical for Most