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Frigidaire Dishwasher Door Squeaks

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Every time the Dishwasher Door opens or closes it drives you crazy! What causes the annoying door music?
This vibration type noise I'm refering to applies to Frigidaire Dishwashers with the following model numbers.


The noise is caused by tension on the nylon cable from the spring, as it moves around the friction pulley. Basically a vibrating cable making the spring get quite noisy. The next question of course is how do you fix the problem?

How to Fix and Repair the Noisy Dishwasher Door Springs and Cables:

First, check the cables for any grease or oil, if the cables have been lubricated replace the cable
and friction pulley it rides around. This may require replacing the cable and pulley on both
sides. After checking or replacing these parts take a bar of regular unscented soap and
liberally rub both of the cable and the door spring on both sides. Then open and close the
door 4 or 5 times to work the soap into the cable and pulley to complete repair.

Here are the Parts and the Part Numbers for what you may need to stop the Squeak.

Door Cable is Part Number 154578801

Door Spring is Part Number 154579101