Frigidaire Dryer Error Code List - Complete Error and Diagnostic Codes

Here is a list of error codes for a Frigidaire Electric Dryer.  This is a complete list of codes and what causes them.  There is also tips on how to test for each code.

You will also see on this list the way to pull the error codes from the machine using the diagnostic mode of the dryer.

Click on the images below to see a larger view

  • E31
  • E32 
  • E42
  • E51
  • E52
  • E53
  • E54
  • E61
  • E63
  • E64
  • E65
  • E66
  • E67
  • E71
  • E72
  • E91
  • E92
  • E93
  • E94
  • E97
  • EA1
  • EA2
  • EA3
  • EA4
  • EA5
  • EF1
  • EF3
  • EF8

Frigidaire Front Load Dryer Wiring Diagram

Frigidaire Front Load Dryer

Wiring Diagram for an Electric Dryer

This is the wiring diagram for a Frigidaire Front Load Electric Dryer.  This diagram covers many models.  Most of the mechanical functions on these dryers are the same.  The difference in most is the electronic control board that you use to set the controls.