Frigidaire Dryer Error Code "dr" - How to Troubleshoot, Fix and Repair

Hi guys, my name's Bill and in this Post I want to show you how to troubleshoot the DR code on your Frigidaire Dryer. When you press the start button after you've selected a cycle, the dryer should run, unless you've left the door open.

The DR code is telling you to close the door if you want the dryer to run.

But what's it mean if the door IS closed and it still flashes "DR" when you press the start button?

This is what we're going to troubleshoot in this Article.

For the motor relay on the control board to have power to send to the motor, a couple things have to be true. The thermal limiter cannot be tripped, the door has to be closed so power can travel from the common to the normally open terminal on the door switch, which goes to the motor relay. If you're getting the DR code then the Thermal limiter has to be OK, or the control board wouldn't have power at all. So it really only leaves the door switch to be the issue or a bad control board.

Here's a look at the wiring diagram for this Dryer. As you can see, power comes from the L1 terminal and goes through the thermal limiter to the common on the door switch. If the door is open, power will be routed from the switch to the drum light. If the door is closed, the power is then routed to the motor relay on the control board. Before we get into testing the switch, let's make sure that the door is closing properly. If the door isn't completely closed the door switch won't be activated and the dryer won't start.

As you can see in the video below, when I press the start button, the DR code appears, but the door is closed. This is because the little door catch on top is broken and not holding the door closed enough to trigger the switch. Just a little pressure on the door, and the dryer starts up.

After you've eliminated this as your problem you can move on.

To determine if you have a bad switch or a bad control board, you'll need to test the switch. Just because you open the door and the light comes on, doesn't mean your switch is good. You still need to test between the COM and the NO to see if a connection is made when the door is closed properly.

Unplug the dryer from the wall and connect your meter to the COM and NO terminals on the door switch. Set your meter to OHMS. If you get an OL reading with the door closed, then the switch is bad and would need replaced. If you get the .1 reading with the door closed, the switch is good. If you get the DR code with a good switch and a properly closed door, then control board is bad and would need replaced.

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